My Favourite Little Girl

August 7th 2016    Nicola Campbell    blog location - Clitheroe

This girl is my little best friend she's the best. Most of you will have seen plenty of pictures over the last two years, I sometimes worry that you will all be getting bored of seeing her.....if you are Im sorry but I'm not going to stop. A lot of people comment on how she's always smiling and they enjoy seeing the pictures of her.


Today she came to play at my house so I thought while she's here I'll get my camera out and take some natural shots of her, trouble is she now doesn't like her Auntie Nic taking her picture....... Oh my god........Tough!!!


She's been signed for a model agency and has been picked to do a job next week but I'm not allowed to say anymore so watch this space....


Here are the pictures from today, "Tallulah sit over there and do a nice smile for me" Every facial expression and noise but no smile she even turned the opposite way.

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